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  • New layout and unpredictable shedule

    Hi everyone Although, the organisation for the is going great. The high demand on Wednesday is not doing great, because I thought I could do everything and I couldn't. I am not . I am to the point of pre-burn out. So I made a few changes, because I am no wonder woman or goddess amaterasu. UNTIL, I finish my thesis and while I work full time , I will provide a list of the last billboard leaders updated on Wednesday, with embedded YouTube links . My reviews release date will not have a fixed schedule. However, if you are on the subscription list you will be notified when I post 😊.

  • Yonezu's [kick back] overcomes the points in J01's Mary poppins (Week 42/52) Japan billboard top

    Japan billboards report said ""KICK BACK" was a fierce battle driven by download and streaming, and "SuperCali" was driven by single points. " The new music from the TV animation "Chainsaw Man" opening theme is played by Kenshin Yonezu, consider one of the main singers for the Japanese Pop culture. The music name KICK BACK gain the leader position at the billboard Hot 100 by accumulating points as the leader of the downloads and views. Here are a bit of the lyrics : "Bye-bye with this for stubborn oil stains Who is the voice calling out in my head I want that I want this I'm singing Want to be happy I want to enjoy my life I want to hold it in my hand in your chest fill me with happiness Let's go to rest in peace The hell I once saw is also a good place" For more information about Kenshin Yonezu, check out the post " Lemon (Kenshi Yonezu)- The longest remaining song on Billboard Japan Hot100 charts" Kenshin Yonezu - Kick Back - My Personal Japanese music review: I personally dont like the music. It's to fast beat for me ! But if you enjoy it let me know on comments! The reason I dont like it, its because I can not really dance with it . I can not feel anything for the music. Jumping to number 2 on the Billboard we have J01 with [SuperCali] as in "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" ... yeah you read that right,Mary Poppins's "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"!!! They basically made a concept around Mary Poppins, However I found it to be a little bit more Spooky. J01 were very close to achieve the leader position by 30 points. Due to the conquest of 4 crowns as the leader in Singles, Lookup , Twitter and Radio. J01 are an eleven-member Japanese boy group formed by the top contestants of the programme Produce 101 Japan, owned by LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT. Their first single, 'PROTOSTAR', was released on March 4th, 2020. The MTV VMA Japan awarded J01 the "star on the rise" award in 2020. JO1 OFFICIAL Social: [website ]​ [Twitter] [Instagram] Here is a bit of the Lyrics: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Forget the mirage of the past Woo A desolate desert Even if it swirls, it's a sandstorm (Danm) Even if you can't see it, it's a milestone (Yeah yeah) I know I can find the way Up and down (hey) prowling sun (hey) Ore wo always (woo) why?" My personal review to J01 ' supercali' : Of course, this is a more modern perspective of the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! For the concept, I was expecting a little more narrative in the music video ! Also they lost their smile, in spite of more hair colors! [JAPAN HOT 100] Billboard Japan Top Chart (19 OCT 2022) 1st place [NEW] "KICK BACK" Kenshi Yonezu (-・61,510 DLs, 12,556,627 views) 2nd place [last week position 34] "SuperCali" JO1 (602,958 copies, 19,331 DLs, 4,270,143 views) 3rd place [NEW] "Subtitle" Official HIGE DANdism (-- 31,546 DL, 9,905,294 plays) 4th place [NEW] "grace" Fujii Kaze (-- 34,756 DLs, 4,961,815 plays) 5th place [ last week position 3] "New Era (Uta from ONE ) PIECE FILM RED)” Ado (-・6,964DL・9,412,552 views) 6th place [last week position 2] “Blessing” YOASOBI (-・22,669DL・6,896,925 views) 7th place [last week position 4] “Overdose” Natori (-・2,163DL・8,789,992 views) ) 8th place [last week position 5] “I am the strongest (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)” Ado (- 2,899DL 7,619,207 views) 9th place [last week position 7] “W/X/Y” Tani Yuuki (- 3,428DL 7,461,065 Play) 10th place [NEW] "Space Drive" Super Express (42,491 sheets--2,893,595 plays)

  • It's a [Be selfish] thats coming close to the [one piece] week 33/52 - Japan music charts

    The music of the charismatic Uta with Ado's voice is starting to lose leverage and point's. This week, the number of points that kept them in the leader position decreased around 1000 points. Has Star Uta stopped shining ✨️? It might lose the leader position by the end of October. Uta’s Song is dominating the first spot on the number of streams , Youtube video views in Japan and Karaoke music selection. It did not dominate the number of downloads ( 3rd place), the number of broadcasts in Radios( 18th place) and twitter ( 49th place). The second leader position was taken by a new single "Be Selfish" by [=LOVE]. This Single is their twelve. In numerology terms, It means they may have completed a cycle , or the next one, may have an unlucky result or the biggest result ever. The number 13 is a mystery by itself, we have to stand by and watch their future performances. "Be Selfish" dominated the top single with the 1st place, which can give a lot of points to the artist, or group, when entering in the chart. Short version of the Lyrics translated: “Stop asking for love, and let me pick one out of my troubles. I want you to go on as you are I want you to live as you are I'm just being selfish with only your favourite colour I won't let anyone get in my way” ----- Don’t forget to check out the top 10 at the end of this post! Personal Japan Billboard review: I love seeing the Alice in wonderland adaptation in a modern context. It's very innovative! Despite being organised and managed by a former member of AKB48, I must say it was very smart not keeping the same size and structure. And the image of the girls seems more individual than in a group formation, which is even better because it demonstrates they all have different personalities. As for the music, it's a modern and more remixed version of Typical Japanese music. I look at them as fresh and inspiration for the future of Japanese pop music! I am surprised the Japan billboard reports barely mention them… is it on purpose or accident? Who is [=LOVE]? The twelve-person group =Love (イコールラブ Ikōrurabu, pronounced "equal love", stylized as =LOVE) is produced by former AKB48 and HKT48 member Rino Sashihara and is signed under Sacra Music. The group comprises voice actors from the Yoyogi Animation Academy and is known for their positive and upbeat music. Their members are Emiri Ōtani Hana Ōba Risa Otoshima Kiara Saitō Nagisa Saitō Maika Sasaki Hitomi Takamatsu Shōko Takiwaki Iori Noguchi Sana Morohashi Anna Yamamoto =LOVE - official social media --- Official Homepage: Official YouTube: Official Twitter: Official TikTok: Official Instagram: Official Shop: 大谷 映美里 (Emiri Otani) 大場 花菜 (Hana Oba) 音嶋 莉沙 (Risa Otoshima) 齋藤 樹愛羅 (Kiara Saito) 齊藤 なぎさ (Nagisa Saito) 佐々木 舞香 (Maika Sasaki) 髙松 瞳 (Hitomi Takamatsu) 瀧脇 笙古 (Shoko Takiwaki) 野口 衣織 (Iori Noguchi) 諸橋 沙夏 (Sana Morohashi) 山本 杏奈 (Anna Yamamoto) JAPAN HOT 100 - Billboard Japan Top Chart (05 OCT 2022) 1st place [1] "Shinjidai (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (-・9,195DL・11,070,803 views) 2nd place [NEW] "Be Selfish" = LOVE (195,863 sheets・-・-) 3rd place [2] "I am the strongest (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (-・3,779DL・8,578,538 views) 4th place [NEW] "SOUVENIR" BUMP OF CHICKEN (-・29,576DL・- ) 5th place [6] "W/X/Y" Tani Yuuki (- 3,273 DL 7,428,308 plays) 6th place [4] "Uta Katarabai (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (- 1,385 DL 7,499,819 plays ) 7th place [10] "Overdose" Natori (- 1,903 DL 8,254,427 plays) 8th place [5] "Backlight (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)" Ado (- 2,103 DL 6,848,466 plays) 9th place [8] “Mix Nuts” Official Bearded Man dism (-・4,030DL・5,417,772 views) 10th place [23] “Once again” Tani Yuuki (-・5,803DL・5,972,867 views) * [ ] is the ranking of the previous week

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  • Blog | Nihongo student

    NIHONGO STUDENT Jmusic From the Japanese traditional culture and people to the Japan Billboard. If you look for English information and updates about the Japan Billboard Top 100 music charts, you will it here : who is the top chart billboard leader and who the leader needs to watch out, what are the new songs on Japan music charts, and what are the Japan music industry companies and information that provide the juicy information. Home Blog Contact Search Results Privacy Policy Members Plans & Pricing Jdramatastic Merch - Store Japan Billboard Billboard leaders reviews Oct 19 Yonezu's [kick back] overcomes the points in J01's Mary poppins (Week 42/52) Japan billboard top Leader Chainshaw and N2 we have J01 with [SuperCali] as in "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" ... yeah you read that right,Mary Poppins 2 views Oct 6 It's a [Be selfish] thats coming close to the [one piece] week 33/52 - Japan music charts I love seeing the Alice in wonderland adaptation in a modern context. It's very innovative! Despite being organised and managed by a former 1 view Sep 28 Let's see [One Piece] of the Japan music Charts - (week 39/52) Japan Billboard review Japan music Charts have been dominated by One Piece anime movie - One Piece Film: Red - since its release in August, in Japan. But ... 1 view Jun 9 Love, someone like me - Japan Billboard (week 23/52) Japan Music charts review Mixed Nuts and Ultraman song are still fighting for the Throne. However, The Hinatazaka46 were better scoring and took the throne for them 2 views Jun 1 Mr. Housekeeper has a theme song - Japan Billboard (week 22/52) Japan Music charts review From the Japanese Drama「Mr. Housekeeper, Mitazono (Kaseifu no Mitazono) season 5」, the theme song “a r e a “played by Hey! Say! JUMP is the 2 views 1 2 3 4 5 Japanese Culture Top 10 Things To Do In Akihabara Shidoome Group Sep 26 4 min 11 Hachiko - a famous Akita dog who lived in Japan Lillith Anywhere Feb 17 4 min 15 Amaterasu , the female sun goddess Lillith Anywhere Jan 20 3 min 16 Shikoku – Your path to Immortality Lillith Anywhere Jan 18 2 min 10 Tohoku: the damsel in distress region Lillith Anywhere Jan 17 3 min 1 Kansai Region: The heart of the nation history Lillith Anywhere Jan 16 5 min 1 Japan’s Chugoku Region: The Best Kept Secret In Asia Lillith Anywhere Jan 14 3 min 15 1 2 3 J-drama reviews and information about Japanese Celebrities (Every month on Day 5th, 15th and 25th ) Join our mailing list to receive only the notifications when there is a new post Email Thanks for subscribing! Submit Billboard leader with embedded links Week 48: to be announced 30th NOV Week 47: Subtitle Official髭男dism Week 46: Tsukiyom i King&Prince Week 45: Subtitle Official髭男dism Week 44 : Subtitle Official髭男dism Week 43: Subtitle Official髭男dism Week 42: KICK BACK 米津玄師 Week 41: Absolute Inspiration SKE48 Week 40: New era - UTA [ voice Ado ] ONE PIECE FILM RED JMusic Industry Apr 18 AKB48 – The nightmare disguise as a Dream – the biggest Illusion in Japan Music industry I don't know how a traditionalist and conservatory talks in Japan allow this type of female Objetification as "legit". 611 views Apr 10 Avex, the Japanese music brand globally present without you realizing Ave